Best Doctors Insurance

Best Doctors Improves Canadian Healthcare by adding Quality Controls

The Canadian healthcare system, no matter which province you live in, is not a level playing field. Without appropriate private insurance in place, depending on the hospital you attend or the physician you get there, you may have to suffer through misdiagnosis, inefficient treatment, and/or an innapropriate lack of support. This can be especially true when it comes to regional hospitals that don't attract the same doctors, and don't have the same access to diagnostic equipment. At a critical time, if you don't have the quality control that comes with Best Doctors insurance, you risk having a health outcome that is far short of optimal - limiting your chances of a full recovery and impacting your quality of life for years to come.

You can, however, plan to receive world-class healthcare with the help of Best Doctors. You don't have to face the Canada's regional discrimination when it comes to health care and receiving proper diagnosis, and treatment. With Best Doctors Insurance, members can connect with the very best healthcare, and have access to the best-quality hospitals and specialized centers around the world. 

Best Doctors Insurance offers Canadians top-quality medical insurance plans designed to deliver a full range of exclusive benefits and services. The result? Members can have peace of mind knowing that they have the best health insurance plan to help them - not only by paying for medical expenses but also by guiding them through the complexities of the health care system when they need it most.

In Canada, 27% of medical cases reviewed by Best Doctors resulted in corrections of the initial diagnosis, and 60% of recommended treatment plans were refined and improved by Best Doctors' medical experts. Misdiagnosis of chronic or critical illness is a serious issue in Canada, and sub-optimal treatment programs can have serious side effects and cause quality of life and chances of a full recovery to decrease dramatically. Why risk it?

Canadians need to be realistic about our health care system, and insure that they have access to world-class diagnosis and treatment through a Best Doctors program.

What is Best Doctors and How Do Canadians Access Best Doctors Services?

Best Doctors is THE leading health insurance company in Canada, specializing in international private health insurance. Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School physicians, Best Doctors and is dedicated to helping people take control of their health and avoid medical uncertainty. Realizing that any country's medical system is filled with doctors that are not at the top of the class, Harvard Medical School physicians established a system to give all doctors (and patients) the ability to access second opinion diagnosis and treatment recommendations from those doctors that are recognized by their own peers to be in the top 5% of practitioners worldwide. Best Doctors has the world's leading healthcare quality control system - renowned today for providing life saving value to over 70 countries around the globe. 

In Canada since 1998, Best Doctors services are commonly used by Canadian insurance companies as a part of their critical illness insurance policies. Why? Because critical illness (CI) insurance isn't just about receiving a lump sum of cash after surviving the sudden onset of a life threatening CI such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer (usually a 30 day survival period is required). CI insurance is much more valuable when it provides assistance with the CI at the time of onset (diagnosis) and in the days that follow with the decisions that are made regarding treatment and recovery. To do that, top Canadian insurance companies contract with Best Doctors to provide policy holders with expert diagnosis and treatment recommendations to help them have optimal health outcomes. 

Occasionally, Canadian insurance companies (such as Sun Life) include access to some valuable Best Doctors services through their individual health insurance policies. A wider group of insurance companies include those same Best Doctors services with their group benefit plans. So, if you look close enough at your group insurance benefit booklet, you may find that you already have access to receiving help from Best Doctors in the event that you suffer from an injury, or chronic illness, or critical illness. 

To obtain access to Best Doctors services (from lowest cost to highest cost):

  • the lowest cost for access is through a group benefit plan (because your employer pays for a portion of your coverage), although group benefits are not always in your own control;
  • the second least costly method is to have a personal individual health insurance policy that comes with Best Doctors;
  • Critical Illness insurance can also be used to obtain access to Best Doctors, although if the lump sum insured for is large this may become the more expensive method to obtain access;
  • Best Doctors Insurance has a private product available in Canada (Global Medical Care) which provides a lifetime $5 million benefit which can be use anywhere in the world to address medical uncertainty of any kind, and which will pay for advanced testing, diagnosis, treatment and recovery. 

With access to Best Doctors through a group benefit, personal health insurance plan, or critical illness insurance policy you will have access to Best Doctors InterConsultation™ process. Depending on the group, personal health, or critical illness insurance coverage that you have, you may also have the valuable ability to refer (one time only) a family member to Best Doctors InterConsultation™.

Best Doctors InterConsultation™ Process:
Designed to help you make medical decisions with confidence, the InterConsultation™ Process provides access to leading medical experts so you can be sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan. They help you get up-to-date answers to medical questions. This is an important aspect of the insurance coverage, whether you’re dealing with a chronic condition, questioning surgery or facing a life-threatening illness. 

How does it work?
You call and explain your case to a Best Doctors medical team member, who is a Registered Nurse, and who becomes your Advocate. Best Doctors collects all your records, images and tests, and matches your case to one of their leading (industry peer-reviewed) global specialists. The specialist reviews your case in detail and issues a report with diagnostic and treatment recommendations based on your situation. You and your doctor make an informed decision. With greater peace of mind and certainty, knowing you have consulted with the best the industry has to offer for your diagnosis and treatment plan you and your family can move in the right direction towards an optimal health outcome. 

Best Doctors Insurance: Global Medical Care, and Global Medical Care Plus

Best Doctors also provides private international health insurance to Canadians with its Global Medical Care and Global Medical Care Plus coverage. You can get a quote by completing the quote request form to view pricing and policy details, or to apply online. with Global Medical Care, you are taking proactive control of your future health decisions, and buying robust medical support and cost containment. With Best Doctors Global Medical Care you get:

  • $5,000,000 per member in lifetime coverage.
  • Access to diagnostics (MRI, CT scans, other) usually in less than a week.
  • Prescription drug coverage (including 100% coverage during hospitalization).
  • Immediate access to the best treatment facilities across the world.
  • Personalized support by Best Doctors Registered Nurses, ensuring you receive the medical information and guidance you need to move forward with confidence.
  • Access to Best Doctors’ unique services including InterConsultation®, and Concierge™ (a VIP service which helps you coordinate hotel bookings, travel arrangements, medical appointments and translation services) and Elite Navigator™ (allows you access to a personal physician advocate who will help you interpret diagnosis examinations, and medical checkup results).

Owning your own Global Medical Care plan allows you to:

  • Better understand your medical condition and the choices you have;
  • Find a specialist - in or outside of Canada;
  • Access MRI and CT scans in less than a week (at selected independent private clinics in Canada and abroad);
  • Review your medical records to confirm (or modify) a diagnosis or treatment plan through;
  • Receive the most suitable treatment and the best medical attention - anytime, anywhere.

Avoid the frustration and stress related to not being able to access diagnostic services through your provincial health care system. In many provinces, wait times for “non-urgent” or "elective" scans can take months, impacting outcomes such as pain, disability, or worse. For example, a patient may be experiencing excruciating pain from a “non-urgent” herniated disc that is “not likely” to cause permanent disability or may need knee replacement surgery that “can wait.” Best Doctors Global Medical Care can reduce your wait time for an MRI or CT scan from weeks or months to just 3 days, enabling you and your treating physician to quickly move forward with the right treatment, greatly increasing the effectiveness of your treatment, and helping to resolve things on a more timely basis.

So what is the 'Plus' part of Global Medical Care Plus?

With Global Medical Care Plus, Best Doctors allows you to proactively receive a comprehensive Annual Executive Medical Assessment at an approved private health clinic in Canada.  The Annual Executive Medical Assessment (valued at approximately $2000/yr) is an extensive health evaluation that identifies medical concerns and problems early, when disease is more easily prevented and managed. Because proactively staying on top of your health situation through comprehensive assessment helps to improve your health and lower claims, Global Medical Care Plus is only marginally more expensive than Global Medical Care - the idea is to keep you on track for an optimal health outcome and a healthy active life where you are not sidelined from your work or normal active lifestyle due to an unplanned illness. 

Did you know?

  • Workforce costs associated with absence due to illness are, on average, two to three times higher than costs for medical or drug claims.
  • In 2016, the average wait time for Canadians seeking medically necessary surgery was over 20 weeks
  • Waits for surgeries and medical treatments in 2015 cost Canadians $3.5 billion in lost income and productivity.

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Snowbirds can use Best Doctors Insurance (that has no Covid-19 exclusions) instead of their regular Travel Insurance

Emergency medical travel insurance policies commonly cost travellers age 60+ more than $10/day depending on their health conditions, and often have major restrictions for how long a pre-existing medical condition has to be stable before departure, otherwise costs due to that pre-existing medical condition won't be covered. Yes, BestQuote can still find you a short-stability policy but the cost can go above $20/day. Travel insurance is for emergency expenses only, and won't cover you for any expenses in your home province. While Best Doctors Global Medical Care will be more expensive than buying travel insurance, some seniors use Best Doctors instead of travel insurance because they would rather have complete coverage while they are away, as well as when they are back home. Instead of paying over a $1000 on travel insurance each year and then not having access to Best Doctors when at home, using Global Medical Care for overseas emergency protection allows snowbirds to subsidize the cost of the Best Doctors coverage at home. 

Best Doctors is committed to providing you with the highest quality healthcare available in Canada and around the world, including guidance through the complexity of the provincial medical system when you need it most, and access to world class diagnosis, and the best-quality hospitals and specialized medical centers around the world.

Best Doctors Insurance (BDI) specialized health plans don't just pay for the medical expenses involved in receiving world class diagnosis, treatment and care wherever and whenever you need it. BDI acts quickly to utilize an efficient team of renowned medical specialists to find the best treatment options, and the best place to receive treatment given your medical situation, and arranges for it to happen - without waiting. With just one confidential call, members can count on immediate action from a committed member Advocate and team of professionals that don't have the same constraints that you'll find with your provincial medical plan.

Sometimes, you and your family can't afford to have anything less. Now, whether you are in the right part of the right city, or even in a remote location in Canada, or temporarily travelling or residing outside Canada, you can count on having access to the best health care services in the world.