Best Doctors' Stories

Newer 2020 'Case Study' Information From Best Doctors Canada

Just recently in July 2020, Best Doctors Canada produced some newer marketing materials which also features a number of case stidies that show how some of the policyholders of their Global Medical Care and Global Medical Care Plus insurance policies have received help from Best Doctors when they experienced their own unique medical uncertainties. To view the newer case study information, please visit our Best Doctors Canada page.

2015 Best Doctors Stories

These next half a dozen stories came directly from the Best Doctor's website (back in 2015), and highlight some of the different ways the Best Doctors Global Medical Care policy can help members with various medical situations:

Emma's Story - An elusive diagnosis no one could treat
After a treadmill injury, Emma’s knee was swollen and painful. Her physician diagnosed a torn meniscus, but her condition worsened. Over seven months, Emma saw an Emergency Room doctor, a physiotherapist, a sports medicine doctor and a rheumatologist, enduring multiple x-rays and MRIs that came back “normal.” However, the pain progressed to a point where a bed sheet on Emma’s knee was unbearable. The sports doctor suggested she might have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), which he did not know how to treat. At her wits’ end, Emma called Best Doctors. The Best Doctors expert confirmed the RSD diagnosis, provided a detailed treatment plan and recommended a pain specialist. Emma saw the specialist within days and treatment began.
“It’s such a relief having an organization like Best Doctors to whom I could turn to get help when I wasn’t getting any anywhere else,” says Emma. “I don’t know what I would have done without Best Doctors.” Right from the first conversation, they were absolutely outstanding. They made me feel validated and vindicated – that alone gave me relief.”

Dave's Story - A more aggresive cancer treatment
Dave suddenly had problems speaking, but his wife knew he was telling her to call Best Doctors. After Dave was rushed to the hospital and underwent tests, the frightening cause of his speech deterioration was clear: lung cancer had spread to his brain. Dave had agitatedly repeated, “Best Doctors” while in the hospital, but only his wife understood. A Best Doctors expert reviewed Dave’s case, concurring with the surgical procedure for his brain lesion, but recommending a more aggressive treatment for the lung cancer.
“I had the information I needed to make the final decision,” Dave says. “I could look at all of the options and discuss them with my specialist. It’s a good way to get a referral and access worldwide experts without leaving home. Thank you, Best Doctors. Always allow yourself the opportunity to make sure your diagnosis is correct and you are aware of the best possible treatment options.”

Vi's Story - Living a normal life
Vi walked downstairs, when the next thing she knew, she woke up on the floor. The next five weeks were spent in the hospital recovering from the stroke. After her hospital stay, Vi had a fluttering sensation in her chest which grew more persistent over the months and soon was accompanied by a racing heartbeat. When she was able to see her cardiologist, he told her that heart arrhythmias like hers were common, and that she should “just live with it.”
Vi decided to contact Best Doctors. When Vi received her expert report, she learned her condition was called Persistent Atrial Fibrillation, which should be treated with special medicines designed to normalize her heart rhythm. The Best Doctors expert further recommended Vi undergo a number of medical procedures, including a catheter ablation.
“My life changed the day I had that procedure,” Vi said. “I went to the hospital totally incapacitated and left the hospital feeling alive again.”

Simon's Story - a timely (possibly life saving) intervention
A bad fall from a scaffold at work left Simon with several injuries, but it wasn’t until about a month after the accident that he noticed a lump on the baby finger of his right hand. About a year later, Simon underwent surgery and the lump was sent to a pathology laboratory for further examination. Simon’s doctor, however, disputed the results of the pathology, telling him everything was fine and to contact him if the lump grew any bigger.
Within a week and a half of the surgery, the lump on Simon’s finger grew back even bigger than the original one. That’s when Simon decided to contact Best Doctors.
A top specialist at Harvard reviewed Simon’s case. When he received the report from Best Doctors, the results showed Simon was positive for a type of cancer called fibrous histiocytoma. The Best Doctors specialist recommended further surgery.
“My specialist said that if it had gone into the blood stream or the bone marrow, because it was very aggressive, it probably would have hit my lungs right away,” he said. “Without that Best Doctors report I would have been waiting far longer for the testing, the appointment with the specialist, and ultimately for the surgery.”

Sarah's Story - Which surgery made more sense?
After participating in a “Run for the Cure,” Sarah ended up needing a “cure” of her own. The 17-year old finished the charity race and felt chest pains. A trip to the emergency room led to an alarming discovery – a hole between the left and right atria of Sarah’s heart. Surgery was required. But should it be open heart surgery or surgery through the groin? Sarah had no answer until a co-worker mentioned Best Doctors. Sarah’s case was sent to a Best Doctors expert – the internationally renowned head of Intervention Cardiology at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. The expert recommended surgery through the groin and performed a minimally invasive installation of a heart closure device. One day after surgery, Sarah was shopping at the mall.
According to Sarah, “I can’t find the words to say how wonderful Best Doctors was.” I’m so glad my co-worker told me to call Best Doctors. I was able to manage a very difficult time in my life with their help and support.”

Joey's Story - Help finding a respiratory specialist
Joey was a non-smoker, yet he was diagnosed with a lung infection that developed into a life-threatening condition requiring lower lobe reconstruction. Six years later, he began experiencing an extremely bad cough. His family doctor prescribed medication, but Joey wanted the advice of a specialist. Concerned about his earlier lung experience, he called Best Doctors, which was included in his union benefits. Joey’s Best Doctors Member Advocate, a Registered Nurse, listened to his concerns and suggested two options: sending Joey’s tests to a team of Best Doctors experts for review or providing the names of highly regarded local respirologists who were accepting new patients. Joey chose the latter option.
"The whole process was so smooth," he says. "The timeline worked well, information was upfront with no surprises. Everyone at Best Doctors was very helpful. I was treated with compassion and understanding and I was pleased with the outcome. Everyone at Best Doctors was very helpful. I was treated with compassion and understanding and I was pleased with the outcome."