Extended Health

Extended Health and Dental Benefits for Individuals and Families

Individual Health and Dental Insurance Plans are designed for individuals in three different situations:

1. Self-employed individuals and their families;
2. Employees of companies that do not offer access to a group benefit plans;
3. Recent retirees unable to continue with their existing corporate group benefit plan.

Choosing your own individual health and/or dental plan can be an affordable way to avoid the ups and downs of sudden unexpected medical costs.  There is a fairly wide range of plans to choose from, with the most basic plans start at less than $10/month. However, depending on the benefits selected, comprehensive plans can range up to $200 or even $300 per month. Most insurance companies that provide individual health and dental plans offer several different plans to allow you to choose an appropriate level of coverage.

The major difference between benefits provided by an employer's group plan, and having your own individaul plan will be the waiting period you must endure before full coverage becomes available. For many (but not all) of the benefits offered by an individual plan, the policy holder will not be eligible to claim expenses until he/she has been paying into the plan for a certain period of time. Sometimes, this 'waiting period' can be up to two years, especially for major dental coverage. This is to prevent people from not buying coverage until the last minute - when they already know they have to seek some form of medical treatment; and then buying a policy and immediately submitting a claim for expenses several times the cost of the first month's premium. Insurance of any kind is, after all, designed to pay for unexpected expenses, not ones that are already known to be a certainty. When you join a group plan, by contrast, this 'waiting period' for eligibility for full benefits is usually much shorter.  This is because, on average, members of group plans do not all submit large claims immediately after joining the plan.

If you fall into any of the three categories listed above, our quote engine will show you a list of available plans and options.