Medical Tourism

Planning a Medical Trip Abroad for Health or Dental Sevices?

Medical complications insurance is specifically designed for travelers going overseas for medical treatment.  At present, this type of policy is not being offered by any Canadian insurance providers.  Therefore, BestQuote offers complications insurance issued by two US-based insurance providers.

Many Canadian travelers are unaware that regular Canadian travel medical policies do not cover medical complications, if a trip is taken specifically to receive medical treatment overseas.  In many cases, even unrelated medical accidents (like a fall at the airport) will not be covered if your trip is for medical purposes.

Complications insurance is designed for situations in which surgery does not go as planned, and you need to stay longer in a foreign hospital than expected.  A common problem is post-operation infections, which may extend your stay by several weeks of even months.  Other benefits that may be included in a complications policy are:

1. Coverage for unrelated accidents and illnesses (travel insurance),
2. Emergency evacuation,
3. Accidental death & dismemberment rider,
4. Non-medical coverage (trip cancellation, interruption and baggage insurance)

Surgery is stressful enough.  Avoid unnecessary complications.

Protect yourself with medical tourism insurance offered by BestQuote Travel Insurance.

Medi-Travel International

The process of selecting an international hospital and doctor can be daunting.  Medi-Travel International is a Vancouver-based medical tourism facilitator.  They have arrangements in place with several hospitals in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean, and have the expertese to find the best possible medical services at competitive prices.  They can be reached at 1-877-725-6762.