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Why use BestQuote to help you acquire health insurance?

Supplemental Health insurance is an important component of your financial picture, and can be critically important to your recovery from any health setback given the changing nature of Canada's health care system.

BestQuote specializes in giving advice on health and travel insurance products to help (more than six thousand) customers every year aquire the insurance they need.

Bestquote is your best guide to Canada's health insurance industry.

By using our own database, our free online technical comparison tools, and years of insurance experience, we provide you with:

  • the best insurance product choices,
  • the best prices,
  • insightful recommendations, 
  • and online applications.

BestQuote uses more health insurance providers from across Canada than any other online quote service, and covers the widest possible range of health insurance products found across Canada.

Use BestQuote to research and acquire your insurance, and join with our growing numbers of customers that use us each year. Whether you have recently lost your employer Health and Dental plan and need a replacement policy with no medical questionnaire, or are looking at other health-care solutions,

Canadian Health Insurance Products

There's a wide variety to choose from:


Health and Dental Insurance Coverage


Critical Illness Insurance


Hospitalization Insurance


Best Doctors Insurance


Disability Insurance


Health Spending Accounts


Wait list insurance


Expatriate Health Insurance


Medical Tourism Insurance