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Best Doctors Insurance

Why wait? The Canadian healthcare system, no matter which province you live in, is not a level playing field. But you CAN plan to receive quality care: quick access to expert diagnosis, advocacy & treatment.

Extended Health

Self-employed, recently retired or working with an employer that does not provide benefits? Having your own health and/or dental plan can be an affordable way to avoid the ups and downs of sudden medical costs.

Wait List Insurance

When placed on a medical wait list greater than 45 days, Wait List insurance (a.k.a. Medical Access insurance) will get you past the public line-up.

Critical Illness Insurance

Simplified Criticall Illness insurance is easier to qualify for, and provides a lump-sum payment if you are diagnosed with life threatening Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke.

Health & Welfare Trust

Owners of incorporated businesses: deduct 110% of health & dental expenses, at your marginal tax rate. Family included.

Medical Tourism

Traveling outside your home province for medical services?
Things could get complicated. That's why there's medical complications insurance.

Group Insurance

Looking to improve your group health insurance plan? Get a comprehensive second opinion, and put the contract out for new bids.

Travel Insurance

Bestquote Travel Insurance Agency specializes in all forms of travel medical insurance: use the free online quote engine of all top Canadian companies, or call and ask for expert advice.

International Health

Travelling away from your home country on an extended absence? Get full health (and dental) coverage with an international plan.

Canadian Health-care: You do need supplemental insurance.

Supplemental health insurance products are designed to protect you against unforseeable risks, and/or to help you pay for ongoing and predictable expenses.

These are known as 'living benefits', because they provide benefits to you while you are alive - financial protection, peace of mind, and top quality medical advice, advocacy and support when you or a family member gets sick or injured and you need to navigate through the provincial health-care system.

The role of any financial advisor is to help you to understand why and how you can purchase financial products to help you in the event that either: 1) something bad happens; or 2) nothing bad happens.

When something 'bad' does happen, it will be easier for yourself and/or your family to get through if you have insurance that helps alleviate the situation.

That can mean either life insurance, or one of the living benefit insurance plans described below that provides a financial benefit (i.e. critical illness or disability insurance), or medical advice and recovery support that you won't receive from your provincial health-care system (i.e. Best Doctors insurance).

If nothing unexpectedly 'bad' ever happens, you're lucky.

You'll cruise along all the way to retirement in perfect health and then? Hopefully, your financial advisor was helping you to understand why you need to save money, and which financial products could help your savings grow in a way that matches your risk tolerance. Most financial advisors specialize in investment products because they make good money for themselves doing that - but they often leave you to your own to make good decisions about health and travel insurance.

BestQuote specializes in health and travel insurance products that are often overlooked by most investment advisors - because having good health and travel insurance can help your well intended retirement plans stay on track if something unlucky happens. And 'stuff' happens. Your health is your wealth. The Canadian health-care system is far from perfect, and acquiring your own health insurance can play a critical role in helping you to bounce back from an unexpected setback.

We know that health care is changing. A multi-tier system does exist in Canada, whether we like to admit it or not. Actually, its a too-tier system (too bad for you if you get the wrong tier), and there's many new forms of health services available either through your government health insurance plan, or outside of that through private coverage.

Health insurance in Canada is changing. Stay informed, and get the coverage that can help you financially and emotionally recover from any health set back.